Nudist fitness

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I was in YouTube jail for seven days, not allowed to post. YouTube will not allow me to dispute the videos that were flagged even though there wasn’t any nudity, definitely nothing sexual. I guess it’s just the nature of the beast. So I’ll post as often as YouTube allows me and hopefully they will not take away my channel. I am performing within the community guidelines. But that does not seem to matter.

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  1. Steve Summer Говорит

    Why is it that the men are nakid and the women wear bottoms

  2. Debabrata Maji Говорит

    Love good

  3. CUK 4 Говорит

    Agree,the women..👎👎

  4. Leo Cooper Говорит

    But the vid is appreciated anyway

  5. Leo Cooper Говорит

    First thing I thought I mean we all equal in everything else or supposed to be right?

  6. joey cena Говорит

    The fact that you care that I care is even stranger

  7. Some Ole Fat Guy Говорит

    Does the spa offer massage services as well?

  8. John Glover Говорит

    I would guess you could do some really cool body painting at the resort for special occasions

  9. Daniel Whitt Говорит

    Where have you been i was worried

  10. Tom Pedersen Говорит

    Naturally therapeutic, relaxing, and conducive to furthering the creative spirit. As always, good stuff. Thanks for being here.

  11. Zero One Говорит

    I thought it was 4 women at first .

  12. Chris Rod Говорит

    The men make me very uncomfortable, please work out with women you’ll be successful!

  13. John Power Говорит

    Uncomfortable? You get «uncomfortable» seeing a nude male body???? Have you forgotten that this place is a nudist resort or at least, allows nudity?

  14. RANDY HOPKINS Говорит

    Especially when I’ve seen them once already!

  15. DynamiteL Говорит

    Thankyou. This was an amazing video love it great way to just slow down and take a break but good exercise for body too please keep this up thankyou. Tell everyone awesome job thankyou

    P.s. I want to come visit again lol been so long but car not working. Do u let truckers live there.

  16. Shaun Debell Говорит

    I actually followed your exercise with on the 2 nd run through thank you relaxed

  17. James Janota Говорит

    I’m just glad you’re doing what you’re doing. I hope to visit there again. It’s been years over a decade!

  18. Se7vinDeadlySins Говорит

    It’s only fair that the females should be completely nude as well. JS

  19. Jae Pearson Говорит

    Another peaceful entertaining an knowledgeable video caint wait to come an meet u all keep it coming

  20. Migue Roman Говорит

    Uff a lot of relax video. A good yoga class it’s a excellent anti-stress practice. Best regards XZANTHIA.

  21. For Grab Говорит

    Amazing..much love

  22. Eduardo Martinez Говорит


  23. Gerry R Говорит

    I want to join in lol

  24. Shampa Koley Говорит

    You are purfect.
    In your age.
    I support you…

  25. Cool-Roots Superville Говорит

    Xzanthisa that baby to. I love her

  26. Nelson Howard Говорит

    One word outstanding

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