How to Shoot a Fitness Video | Job Shadow

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35 Комментарии
  1. London Javitas Говорит

    This video is stunning . Honestly, in 10 mins. Just the most important things from the beginning till the end. I really appreciate the hard efforts / invested time what you guys gave us . I can not find word just wow. A lot of people complaining about Zcam is not good / Random freezeout / Restart etc. Here is a good example one of the best cine budget cam . Thanks again

  2. Jan Klaeui Говорит

    Never opened an email so fast haha

  3. Peter Kae Говорит

    Same bro! This cinematicness is sick!

  4. Gray Mitchell Говорит

    I thought this was an ad for Nike at first 😂. It was 🔥 dude!

  5. Jordan Pritchard Говорит

    Same here!! Was dope 😀😀

  6. NickelsVision Говорит

    It’s uncanny the timing of this because I’m shooting my first fitness commercial this Wednesday and I did everything you explained from prep to execution.

  7. Jordan Pritchard Говорит

    Well done!! And goodluck on future shoots dude 😀😀

  8. Ramy Melhem Говорит

    Make sure you come back and share the final product. Good luck man. Crush it.

  9. Kymani ASMR Говорит

    I’ve never clicked an notification from YouTube this fast

  10. Mickaël Do Couto Говорит

    I love how the shape of the window on the thumbnail looks like a play button !! I don’t know if it’s on purpose but it’s awesome 😍😍😍 !!

  11. Athan Condax Говорит

    Amazing advice. Parker, this dude was the best addition to your team, no doubt.

  12. Jordan Pritchard Говорит

    Without a doubt!! He is a beast creator 😀

  13. JDaveVisuals Говорит

    I’ve been waiting for this one 😍😍😍😍

  14. Jordan Pritchard Говорит

    Such a awesome video

  15. okiesib Говорит

    2 things I didnt like: cable cords in the first shot and the shadows in the male athlete close up, can’t see his eyes. The rest is really good!

  16. Ed Hannigan Говорит

    Good to see the Zcam E2 getting out there, I’ve had mine for a few years now and love it.

  17. Peter Kae Говорит

    What the athletes in this video lift: Heavy weight
    What I lift: A7SII + 24-70 mm G-Master.

  18. Daniel Говорит

    @Peter Kae it has a double meaning. «lifting ones spirit» is making them happy. Literally lifting spirits is implying I’m drinking alcohol (thereby making myself happy)

    It also indirectly implies that I’m neither fit nor a professional videographer unfortunately… 😂

  19. Peter Kae Говорит

    @Daniel What does that mean? 😀 (explain for a non Local)

  20. Daniel Говорит

    What I lift: my spirits.

  21. Kwaku O Jr Говорит

    I’ve literally been waiting for this. On How to film a Fitness Broll!! 😩😩. THANK YOU!

  22. Jordan Pritchard Говорит

    Will benefit your channel greatly 😀

  23. Junior525 Говорит

    I wonder what this guy’s salary is to bring in his own clients and put it on Parker’s channel

  24. Nafees An Noor Говорит

    Landon-Talking about expensive lenses
    Me-I can’t do this

  25. K-FOREST Говорит

    Above all, it’s a fitness video that needs to be delicate and dynamic.

  26. Michael Chan Говорит

    8:44 I’m just here to say hey to the guy with the TØP shirt. Great vid still.

  27. David Palade Говорит

    I remember when I used to train hard. This video made me feel again how it was like training. Now I miss it!

  28. The Night Wolves Говорит

    I waited patiently for 3 years before I could afford the course and now that I have purchased it I can say with certainty that it was well worth the wait…thank you

  29. Jay Shah Говорит

    Want to see the post production (editing) process!
    If you can then it will be great ☺️❤️


    Hey FULL TIME FILMMAKER CREW, ur the BEST!! I’m a 14 year old Photographer/ filmmaker in Southern California. You have inspired me to make a YouTube channel to continue learning and improving my filmmaking and photography skills. I’ve just recently finished a 6 MONTH LONG project of a 8 MINUTE SHORT FILM, CATALYST, and just posted IT! I would love some support and feedback!
    Thank You!


    @Rene Osman Thank you!🙏

  32. Rene Osman Говорит

    Good job young man. Continue to follow your dreams.


    @pauldekl 🙏


    @Wesley Productions Thank you, it means a lot to me🙏

  35. Wesley Productions Говорит

    Hey KDK PRODUCTIONS! I love hearing about other young filmmakers! Keep up all of this amazing work! You are very talented!

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